Posted on February 5, 2013


gkpbookcover “Low-class behaviour is low-class immaterial of a person’s so-called high-class status. Hence the adage, ‘Leadership by example’. Conversely, high-class behaviour and demeanour on the part of a so-called lower-class person is a high-class act! Taking advantage of and abusing one’s rank to cut corners, demand and receive, plunder and steal, assault and pilfer, lie and cheat, bully and persecute with impunity is despicable, disgraceful, shameful and immoral. The notion that only the lower-ranked (in a society that accords such arbitrary ranking to its people) are liable for their misconduct, and that leniency or penalty is dispensed according to rank rather than the actual nature or weight of the crime, is a travesty of justice. It shames a nation and emboldens perpetrators of so-called white-collar crime..” (From Chapter One in A PEOPLE’S POLITICS.)

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