Posted on January 3, 2013


My response to Terence Netto’s “Drawing a line against politicos in business” in Malaysiakini:

If elected representatives at federal or state level must not have any private business whatsoever, we must be clearer about what we mean. General comments in this post by the writer confuse the actual issue involved. In the case of these two elected representatives, it would have been inappropriate for them to get land for business in Perak as state exco members. If their business in Kelantan was obtained using their political influence, then both the Kelantan government of Nik Aziz and them should answer for it. Criticism regarding politics and business is to do with whether public funds or any unfair awards have been involved. We should talk PRINCIPLES, but we need to come out with practical ways by which the people’s representatives will not be driven from legitimate business and be then at the mercy of private donors or power players. LAGI WORSE (even worse still)! Why do you think Singapore pays their PM and cabinet such high salaries?  

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