Posted on December 18, 2012


Two years has now gone by since the morning she left us just short of her 100th year.

And what 99 years they had been! She raised eleven children. She accompanied her husband through the years of struggle and opportunity. Not to mention her own siblings who looked to her as their eldest.

From our vantage point of view today, we can only wonder how hard those years must have been. Through thick and thin with the Japanese occupation in between. Then from the charcoal kiln that was the family’s business to roasting coffee beans for the family-run coffee shop. She was probably among the first woman drivers in the east coast state of Pahang. Without formal schooling, she spoke very good Malay on top of Cantonese, Hokkien and Hainanese.

She was equal to every task, keeping house and bringing up eleven children (not to mention their long lists of house guests) and seeing to the coffee shop business to joining the dots to her husband’s enterprises. One can only imagine how she must have spoken when words were necessary, maintained silence when more than words were called for.

All this, and more than a son-in-law could possibly know or tell, long before the world got to see the Wonder Woman comics!

She spent her last days in our home before being warded in a hospital near us. To see my then 1-year young little one sitting in front of his near-100 year old great grandmother, moving his little fingers all over her smiling face, is a picture we will always cherish!


That certain smile of hers is what lingers on in me. No son-in-law in this whole wide world could have been more blessed. The smile that lit up each time I appeared before her! Money cannot buy. The few words in exchange between us each time we were together were always in goodwill. NEVER once had there been a harsh look or a hard word from her to me.

Of all that could be included in my curriculum vitae, nothing will give me more satisfaction, and can be more indicative of who I am and how blessed I have been than this line:


Of course, this is more indicative of the kind of person she was than what I myself have been.

She now rests in GOD’s peace.

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