Posted on September 12, 2012


Once again religion-based riots and killings have burst upon civilised society the world over. Bereaved families are in heart-wrenching mourning for their loved ones lost so insensibly and suddenly and are inconsolable.

Why is this so? Because, in this latest incident, some people have reportedly produced a film which insults the Prophet of Islam. This gave rise to the riots which resulted in the killing of officers of a foreign embassy in Libya.

There is no excuse for such killings; there is no excuse for such insulting of any personage who is revered by followers of any religion. People of reason will condemn both these acts irrespective of whatever creed we may subscribe to.

Freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion is not freedom to do either. The cause of any religious creed is not advanced by either of these acts.

All creeds must adhere to the tenet that a human person is free to make his or her own choice in regard to religious belief and reverence for any religious personage.

Peace on earth depends on this.

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