Posted on July 28, 2012


The controversial plan to line a stretch of road along the natural beauty of Taiping Lake Gardens with food and souvenir kiosks  has already scandalised enough Taiping residents to such an extent as to agitate over 4,000 of them to attach their names on the ongoing signature campaign.


People from all over the country and the world come to our world-famous Lake Gardens to admire its natural sights and take in the fresh air it releases. If we but google-search for photographs of Taiping Lake Gardens, we will find that quite a lot of very good pictures of the beautiful lakes have been posted on the worldwide web by foreign visitors from many countries. Why do they take the trouble to come to Taiping? Are we to believe that they travel from afar for the souvenirs and food and are insisting that these must be available right there at the Lake Gardens?  Many of us certainly don’t think so. We think they come for something very unique which they have heard about and seen pictures of. That would be the Lake Gardens itself. And when they arrive, their aspiration is to see with their own eyes the raintree-lined lakes with Maxwell’s (Larut) Hills providing its sublime and majestic background.


After they have experienced what they have really come for, then of course they can jolly well retreat (indeed they should be actively encouraged and attracted to proceed) to Taiping Town for its offerings of Taiping food and local shopping of whatever kind. By all means let there be a concerted well-planned focus on generating business from visitors; and yes, even provide adequate, clean and well-maintained kiosks to offer  whatever visitors and residents will spend their money on.  But promote such commerce  in the town centre of historic and cultural Taiping. Not at the Lake Gardens, please. Not to spoil the view of the Lake Gardens, please. Not to further congest the traffic and the overcrowding of the lake area, please.  


I am not necessarily even questioning  anybody’s motives in this matter. Certainly, both the Taiping Town Council and residents like ourselves should always seek new ideas to improve on tourist promotion and increasing the number of visitors to generate business for the sake of the town and its residents. I positively appreciate the efforts of the town councillors to increase revenue for the town. But what I and many others who call Taiping our hometown question is a way of thinking which seems to place man-made values and structures above what only the beauty of nature can offer. 


Why is there any necessity to combine nature with commercial kiosks?  In fact, even before these proposed kiosks were thought of to line the lake and the already traffic-congested ring road around our lakes, the town council had earlier already allowed commercial advertisements in the form of large banners along the tree-lined ring road blocking the motorists’ view of those beautiful trees which other towns can only envy.


I call upon the Town Council and the companies who are paying for these advertisements to voluntarily withdraw them for the sake of the larger tourism interest of Taiping Town.  The public relation merits of so doing will far outweigh the commercial benefits of those banner advertisements. Let us just imagine the positive effect if all over the country each time a person picks up a bottle and drinks from it the famous Taiping water, he or she also reads on the bottle a label that says, “We care for the natural environment of Taiping Lake Gardens”? Money (through expensive advertisements) cannot buy such a complimentary description of such a socially and environmentally conscious company. After all the famous company in question which bottles this Taiping water prides itself with and bases its  marketing on the NATURAL spring water of Taiping. Why then does the company have those huge banner advertisements about their natural spring water which blocks or distracts visitors’ view of  the natural scenary of Taiping tree-lined Lakes?


Come on Taiping Town Council, Taiping businesses and Taiping residents, let’s pull and pool together for our beloved town of Great Peace! Let’s preserve the natural beauty we have inherited from our long gone forefathers’ generations! Let’s leave the natural beauty that is there for our children’s children’s generation to come!

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