Posted on February 17, 2012


Persistent insistence by certain quarters in Malaysia in casting aspersions on the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine as an equation for peace goads me to speak my mind no matter how treacherous the subject at hand may be. This is especially so when these quarters are in fact stirring up pressure on the Leader of the Opposition of Malaysia about being pro-Israeli even to the extent of accusing him of betraying the Palestinian cause and being supported by Israel and the USA to become the next Leader of the Malaysian government, etc.

It is not for me, a very small fry and a nobody, to speak in support of the Leader of the Opposition if for no other reason than the fact that a person aspiring to be Leader of the Government should and can more than defend himself more than adequately.

I speak rather in the interest of common logic and commonsense. As is the case with many Malaysians today, I speak because I am not about to surrender the plain way we understand how truth is determined, arrived at and recognized as such. To allow people who wish even to rewrite history itself regardless of plain facts and almost seem to be turning every simple path to truth into something so incredulous, tortured and twisted is to allow such people to tell me to look at facts only in ways that suits, fits and favours them. My answer is a big “Sorry, not this time nor any other time”!

Now what seems to irk or motivate these people? When asked whether he supports guaranteeing the security of Israel as a nation, the man in question said yes. So what seems to be the problem? By sayng yes to the question posed to him, is the man declaring his proposal or support for nationhood for Israel and therefore declaring his non-support for statehood for Palestine? Others of us recognise that the source and therefore the foundation and very basis of the question asked is that Israel is already a nation in the United Nations. Now anyone of us has a right to disagree with the international community’s admittance or acceptance of Israel as a nation in much the same way as the United Nation’s non-admittance or non-acceptance of Palestine as a nation. But the question posed about the security of Israel did not raise questions on the nationhood of Israel. The respondent to the question did not argue the issue of the nationhood of Israel since this was not the question asked but said yes to the question of Israel’s security.

Now does saying yes to the security of one people necessarily mean saying no to the security of another nation? Does saying yes to the security of one nation necessarily mean that that nation is entitled to do any thing as, when and however they wish? Like for example, bombing the Palestinians to smithereens or denying them justifiable urgently needed humanitarian aid?

Yes, let the Leader of the Opposition answer for himself these questions as I am sure he is more than capable of doing. But here I shall also add the following: Let the people including present and past leaders of the government also be required to give their clear answers to how they see peace in the Middle East or West Asia to be achieved as I am sure he is more than capable of doing. You want nationhood for Palestine but withdraw nationhood from Israel? You want security for Palestine but not for Israel? Please say so, tell us so: What, Why, How? about these issues. You have a right to question others on this; others also have a right to question you on this same issue.

Pardon me, however, for not waiting to receive your kind and enlightening answer. But here is the answer from a common person: Peace already has its method and dynamics and both Israel and Palestine has to follow the common path of peace; both the Leader of the Opposition and the Leader the Government of Malaysia has to follow the common path of peace; so does followers of any one religion (even no religion). We cannot as we wish simply invent our own path to Peace.

For sure, Peace will not come to either Palestine or Israel or to West Asia or for that matter any where else in the world at large without guarantee of security for both as well as all involved. For this reason, as a believing Christian I pray for statehood, security, liberty and humanitarian aid for Palestine no less than Israel. I am no blind supporter or follower of USA or Malaysia, East or West, so-called “Christian”or “Muslim”nations; nor do I necessarily blindly not support any of these.

But if I can be found to be sometimes or in some small measure have some truth, I shall be satisfied. With all of our little bits of truths, we shall the better be able to SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE and advocate security and peace for all.

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