Posted on January 17, 2012


When I get to the polling booth (Part One)

When I get to the polling booth this coming general elections, the question among others that I will ask myself will be: Which of the two contesting political party coalitions will be more likely to move against those who have allegedly committed crime against the country by misusing the people’s financial resources?

This issue concerns me because, despite the fact that I myself may no longer be poor, it is unconscionable that so many Malaysian families are today still deprived of so much essential goods and services in their daily lives while some in positions of power or have connections with those in positions of power seem to be able to live it up either by paying themselves exorbitant salaries, packages and bonuses or awarded contracts which are worth a lot.

Bona fide business must of course be given space to start and grow to create jobs and enhance taxes to increase the nation’s wealth which in turn can generate work opportunities and more essential goods and services for all our people. But there must be opportunities for qualified Malaysians to bid for government contracts through openly conducted tender.

Issues of good governance are of great consequence because no country is so wealthy that it can allow an unmitigated drain on the people’s resources and yet not have adverse effects on national development and impact on its people. If we have “Save Water” and “Save Electricity” campaigns which we as the people must take very seriously, can we as a nation afford not to have a “Save the People’s Money” campaign?

In a “Save the People’s Money” campaign, we should not just be so zealous about going after pick-pockets while neglecting to focus on those who go after very much higher stakes and whose targets are the country’s resources no less. Call it “gravy train” or any other name, this is sinful by God’s value and poor families are our constant reminder that we cannot allow this practice to continue.

It is no use comparing our country favourably with other peoples’ countries. I don’t want my country just to be better off than a country like ….

When I get to the polling booth this coming general elections, I will be asking myself how much better off my country can be and how many more poor families can be alleviated from their daily hardship and anxieties if only we stop powerful people from putting their fingers into the people’s coffers.

The way to this desirable and necessary goal is that I join other Malaysian voters to return as the next government of Malaysia the political party coalition who is more likely to bring those guilty of sinning against the people’s resources to book. Let the investigation and the subsequent trial be fair. Accord those accused proper and full opportunity to defend themselves. Let there be no lynching, libel or character assasination but a fair investigation, prosecution and trial.

But there must be guarantee that crimes against the people will face just retribution so that such crimes against the people will be stymied.

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