Posted on July 8, 2011


By publicly releasing its Do’s and Don’t’s advisory to would-be
participants to its proposed rally, Bersih demonstrates its good
faith, goodwill and intergrity towards the nation at large. As per its
petition for fair and honest elections, Bersih’s stated objectives are
for the nation’s welfare and good reputation as a functioning
democracy. It does not therefore deserve to be maligned and summarily
dealt with in the heavy-handed way it has had to endure at the hands
of the authorities.

Whoever has been advising the powers that be to
take such exaggerated and draconian steps against honorable citizens
of Malaysia have therefore done a singular disservice to both the
powers that be as well as this land of our birth. Such uncalled for
actions should cease and common sense and propriety should prevail.

Those of us who pray to Almighty God for fair and honest elections
must redouble our resolve to conduct ourselves with equanimity and
exemplary conduct even in the face of relentless provocation. Let us
armed ourselves with the knowledge that the good things we aspire for
can never be achieved through bad conduct. Let us prove to the powers
that be and the world at large that we know that peace and justice are
brother and sister, husband and wife which must never be separated.

May God have mercy on our land and prosper noble goals for the common
good of all.

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