Posted on October 23, 2010


I am into rugby more than football- more goals, action, spills and thrills. But whatever sports you may fancy, these days you will no doubt know that WR is the fellow who used to score a lot of goals for Mancester United but his goal-scoring days seem to have frozened up for quite some time now both for his club and country. To everybody’s concern and mystification, he has just not been living up to his own potential or expectations of the paying fans these days.

So during the extended period of his goal drought how has WR been using his time? He has found a lot of faults with his club, manager and team members. For example, he has given a different version of his state of fitness. His world famous manager said he had an ankle injury and therefore had to be benched for a few key matches. But WR said to the whole world in direct contradiction to his manager that there was nothing wrong with his ankle. Next thing we know he aggravated that ankle injury during training and missed a key match. So more time on the bench with lots of time to find some more fault with his club. He has been bad-mouthing his team-mates that they weren’t good enough to ensure that the club will continue to win trophies. Meaning only he is good enough and others in the team don’t quite match up to his performance and ambition for the club. And mind you saying all this when he has not scored a field goal since last March- not at the World Cup nor the Premiership!

Well there are twists and turns in the football world and the WR who said he wanted out has now made a sudden sharp u-turn and extended his contract for the club instead.

Guess what? Am I hallucinating or seeing things? Please someone wake me up but I seem to think these days that I can distinctly see WR playing in PKR’s “Old Trafford”! If it isn’t WR himself, there seems to be someone in PKR who sure plays like a WR with all the maneuverings, twists and u-turns not to mention the bad-mouthing of his team-mates which WR himself would have admired or envied. Not to mention disrespecting the club and manager and team-mates and even more so, the fans who will have a very hard time trusting him again.

Don’t get me wrong. The most faithful and loyal players and fans should, for the sake of the club they love, criticize and raise critical issues for the advancement and improvement of their beloved club. But you should do so in the space which the club has provided you. Turn up for training and all the meetings afforded you and be brave enough to say your piece to your own club people in the forums provided but you don’t go to Chelsea to make your case, if you see what I mean. And one more thing: never ever think that you are the only player who can deliver, who has done all the thinking and strategizing and passing and scoring. There were others before you and there will be others after you.

If I have any influence at all in PKR, I will want to remind all concerned: before Rooney there were Giggs and Scholes in Manchester United. The football team that wins have eleven players on the field. You can’t score if some others don’t lay good passes to you and even when you do score, you still need to have good defenders to keep the other side from scoring. No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone better than you. And if you do think the grass on the other side is greener, and you will have more say, better position, superior contract terms, please go.

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