Posted on February 7, 2009


“BLESSED” ARE THOSE IN PERAK WITH BACKACHE for they will find relief in Pahang.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE WHO GO MISSING for they shall return with more of what they desire for themselves.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE WHO BELONG TO TWO PARTIES for one or the other will surely be in power.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE WHO SIGN A PLEDGE OF LOYALTY TO ONE MB for they shall get a chance to pledge their loyalty to a second MB.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE WHO TAKE AND KEEP PEOPLE INCOMMUNICADO for theirs shall be four more assemblymen.

“BLESSED” ARE YOU WHO DO NOT WISH TO FACE AN ELECTION for it is so much safer and convenient to win the vote of just one person than to have to go after the votes of thousands of others.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE WHO DENY AND AVOID ELECTIONS for the government shall be theirs.

“BLESSED” ARE THOSE IN PERAK for unto them hast been given two MBs to serve their every need.

 “BLESSED” ARE YOU WHO BY YOUR DECREE CREATED A VACANCY for all the people will now know you a lot better.

“BLESSED” ARE YOU WHO STRIVE TO BE FIRST (HOWEVER AND WHATEVER IT TAKES) for your term of office shall surely be filled with the just rewards of your deeds.


MOST BLESSED ARE YOU WHO HAVE LOST TO HIJACKERS AND THIEVES WHAT THE PEOPLE HAD CONFERRED ON YOU for you shall be returned to office with a two-thirds majority!



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