Posted on September 13, 2008


Yesterday they took two of my friends from ten years back. Teresa Kok, a committed Catholic Christian, used to visit me regularly in my TTDI office when she was still uncertain about her political journey. RPK, a committed Muslim, and I were together in the early days of the reformasi movement which eventually gave birth to KeADILan. (I have been told that last night earlier TV clips showed me together with him when news of his arrest was telecast. If so, I am honoured.)


I am on my knees for them and the poor Sin Chew senior reporter (and un-named others who will be taken in). I want all who know me to know that I am honoured to know RPK and Teresa.


I am honoured to be aligned with the new politics (not just after March 08 when things looked good and it has become respectable and fashionable) but right from the very start when things looked dismal and pitiful for the opposition; when many Christian friends said things about me. As a Christian I don’t follow man’s dictates. I exercise my conscience before God. He alone is my Judge. He knows where I am wrong or where I am right. He alone can forgive and restore me. But I know that this side of heaven, I have no luxury of choosing between moral absolutes, only between the lesser of two evils.


I have made my choice more than ten years ago and I have come to terms with my choice. In the case of individual politicians, I have given prayerful support and counsel to several across the parliamentary divide; I will always be a honest friend to politicians on either side. But in the case of political philosophy and praxis, I am solidly Pakatan Rakyat. 


In the face of the ongoing ISA operations, I make my stand clear and unequivocal. Let it not be said that I am ashamed of my KeADILan roots. There has not been nor will there be any hedging on my part. I have taken my stand for better or worse. My friends (or foes) have a right to know where I am. This is no place or time for neutrality on the principle issues of the Malaysian Agenda. Neutrality in partisan politics is fine but Christians cannot continue to sit on the fence or worse still in their armchair. Now we have all got to respectively decide where we stand on the issues which will not just affect today’s Malaysia but your children’s Malaysia. 


I now write my personal blog here where I speak my mind and share my thoughts without reference or approval from anybody else.


Thank you.


Goh Keat Peng


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