Posted on July 20, 2008


DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA ….the police never takes lunch breaks?

That explains why they did not realize nor could they have been expected to understand that the person they wanted for questioning was merely going home first to eat lunch before keeping his appointment with them. Everyone who is wanted for questioning should therefore be advised that not having the experience of taking lunch breaks themselves, the police may inadvertently send out a squad of their fasting men to arrest you not realising that you are going home for lunch and have no intention of running away from them.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA ….police stations do not always have clocks on their walls nor the wrists of their officers?

That explains why at 12.55 PM you could be arrested for not turning up for a friendly interview fixed for 2.00 PM.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. the police has been oversupplied with vehicles?

That explains why fourteen spare vehicles accompanied the one sent to arrest the one man just in case the one vehicle which the arrested person would be pushed into breaks down.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. the police does not have sufficient budget for paint?

That exlains why in just one operation they had to deploy so many unmarked vehicles. Everyone who is expecting arrest should therefore not be overly concerned when pushed into a vehicle which does not display any paintwork to show that they are in fact police vehicles. Don’t worry you will surely be taken to the police station and lockup.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. some police personnel suffer from serious skin sensitivity especially when exposed to the Malaysian sun?

That explains why the police squad sent to arrest a person wanted for questioning the other day wore balaclavas carefully covering every inch of their bodies except their eyes which are not threatened by the sun.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. the police views sodomy as by far the most dangerous crime and the most dangerous threat to the country’s security?

That explains why no effort or time at all is spared (not even lunch time) as soon as an allegation is made concerning sodomy the police goes into dazzling action despite the long queue of cases of missing children, violent snatch thefts, murdered foreigners, missing billions of ringgit to misappropriation and corruption.

DID YOU KNOW THAT IN MALAYSIA …. the police can be and do all this and more because the overwhelming majority amongst the Malaysian public can be counted upon to maintain an assured silence and will not demonstrate their disagreement in any form.

That explains why for the forseeable future the police will not take their lunch breaks, cannot tell the difference between 12.55 and 2.00 PM, have too many spare vehicles most of which will be unmarked for lack of paint, continue to suffer from serious skin conditions, treat a certain kind of allegations as far more serious than other crimes and willing to commit resources and energies to pursue them.

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